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Jan 15

How Often Do You Change the Gear You Everyday Carry?

My personal EDC habits, especially in terms of how often I swap in and out the things I carry, have changed considerably over the years. I know there are many who like to change what they take out with them daily, but I’ve never been the type to change what I EDC very much. Thomas …

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Jan 10

Canada Essentially Bans the Import of Every Folding Knife In Existence…

The insane have taken over the asylum folks. The geniuses over at the Canada Border Services Agency decided that they weren’t going to let the United Kingdom beat them in the Stupid Olympics and have opted to ban the import of basically all folding knives (if the new law is applied indiscriminately). Oh boy. Spyderco Sage …

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Dec 31

December 2017 EDC Pocket Dump

When it comes to gear, I feel I have settled into a groove. I rarely experiment with tobacco these days (same with the pipes) and just stick to what I know I like. Hope you had a merry Christmas, and we’ll see you in the new year! Everyday Carry Item Breakdown Folding Knife Spyderco Roadie …

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Dec 21

Chosen By Our Readers: Victorinox’s Best Swiss Army Knives to EDC

Picking out the best Victoriniox Swiss Army Knife is not at all an easy feat considering just how many options Victorinox gives you, and how many variations of those different there are to choose from. There’s no way I could have mad up a list of the top SAKs on my own, so I reached …

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Dec 15

Diabetes Preparedness: Emergency, Disaster, & SHTF Preps for Diabetics

We’ve received a lot of reader questions asking us how to prep for diabetes over the years. How many? I couldn’t possibly count. It’s a lot, and not all from preppers who are themselves diabetics either. We get a number of concerned relatives who are emailing because they want as much advice on the topic …

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Dec 11

SAK Chat: What’s Your Favourite Swiss Army Knife?

I know from when I asked you guys a few months back what knife was in your pocket that a lot of you carry Swiss Army Knives. Actually, the Victorinox Classic made it to the #1 spot on my list compiling your responses to that question. There’s no way anyone could deny the sheer practicality of carrying …

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Dec 04

Svord Peasant Friction Folding Bushcraft Knife Review

The Svord Peasant knife is a century old design that was brought back to the mainstream by B.W. Baker. This is a knife I have used and owned for a good long while, but have always been on the fence with regards to reviewing it. In practical terms: this is a very, very basic folding …

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Dec 01

November 2017 EDC Pocket Dump

I basically gave up carrying a flashlight due to a lack of pocket space. I recently found this thing on Amazon and since then have been carrying it. It’s freaking amazing (relative to its size). Side note – picked up the Matriarch Wave just in case the UK decides to go full tilt crazy and …

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Nov 27

Cyber Monday 2017 Knife & Outdoor Gear Deals

Back again with a Cyber Monday post, and just as I’d hoped, Amazon’s deals are a lot better for knife aficionados – and hell even for outdoor gear junkies & survivalists – than Black Friday’s sales were. Concentrating on Amazon & Blade HQ this time, because honestly they had the best deals we’ve seen today. …

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Nov 24

Black Friday 2017 Knife & Outdoor Gear Discounts

Welcome to our annual Black Friday Knife & Gear Deal Round up! This year (unlike last year) we have some pretty worthwhile Amazon deals you might want to jump on, though unlike last year, these are very, very few and far between, meaning we simply don’t have much to show you, but those items we will show …

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