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Dec 04

Have You Considered Your SHTF Communications Plan?

  Be Honest About Your Current Communications Plan For most preppers quantifying is a problem. We buy stuff and we store stuff, but do we have a true definition of what “prepared” is?  The truth about being prepared is that we cannot quantify what we will need. I will let you in on a little …

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Nov 26

Practice Advanced Urban Survival with Skill Over Gear

True Urban Scenario While the wasteland model of the urban sprawl tends to grace the pages of books and big screens. I envision a much different scenario. Rather than a world of desolation I see nearly the opposite. There are 8 and a half million people in New York City. How many of these people …

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Nov 08

How to Survive World War 3: Useful Tips & Tricks

There are many possible scenarios where a third world war might arise: ideological or religious reasons, as well as a lack of resources. So what are you going to do in an SHTF situation, especially one when nuclear or microbiological weapons are used? You need to be prepared for everything that might happen, so you’ve …

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Nov 02

Learning Survival Archery – Is It Necessary for Preppers?

Using the bow and arrow has been at the heart of human existence. From simple designs used for hunting to more advanced bows, empires have even been constructed around them. In the modern world, it’s easy to think that there is no place for such primitive tools, but regardless of the day and age, humans …

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Nov 01

Cold Weather Primer: A Refresher If You Will

To survive in cold weather like anything else it takes a certain skill set, proper materials i.e. clothing, shelter and it takes practice/training. You need to know before you have to know that what you are doing and wearing will keep you alive. First, as a reminder, the human body puts out heat, a considerable …

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Sep 01

A Firearm Is a Weapon but Not All Weapons Are a Firearm

The kids are playing on the floor surrounded by toys. You are putting lunch on the table when the door crashes in. It is a smash and grab, and the intruders are inside in seconds. You have a firearm in the home however, as a responsible gun owner it is locked up. Anyone that owns …

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Jul 15

Ant Killer Recipe

We all know ants can be a pain in the arse and some can even damage your home over a period of time. Sometimes finding the colony can be an impossible task. So why not let the ants do the work for you. This little recipe a friend of mine gave me does just that. …

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Jul 07

Grid Down: 5 Tasks That Simply Cannot Wait

Whether you have electricity or not certain tasks still must be accomplished. Some people liken a power failure to a snow day, where it’s a free day. Free from the hassles of school, chores, and responsibilities in general. It is not a free time, of course for adults, for responsible adults anyway. What makes the …

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Jun 20

Five Preparedness Lessons Learned from Recent Natural Disasters

Nature is the source of all life, but it can also be a force to be reckoned with. There have been many natural disasters since the dawn of mankind – tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and even ice ages, and the scariest thing is that these can pretty much strike at any moment. We’ve seen quite a …

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Jun 13

Can You Improvise Adapt Overcome and Then Produce?

Improvise, adapt and overcome is an unofficial slogan of the United States Marine Corp or of the Marines themselves. However, the traits are important ones for Preppers and others to have, and then, of course, you must be able to produce or show results in other words. If your home is damaged or destroyed because …

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